Rast Worship

The concept of the “Rast”, the deep darkness that fills the trees within The Boundless Weald in the deepest hours of the night, is worshiped by the majority of the citizens of Rastvel, and its animistic reverence is the city’s primary religion. While some other practices have taken root in its society, mostly brought from overseas by barbarian visitors, these other religions, while not actually illegal, are officially disapproved of by the Rastvellan Court. As such, none of them have yet built enough of a following for the Court to consider them a threat.

While the core of Rast worship focuses on the concept of darkness as a powerful, almost living force, and the reverence of it as such, many individuals choose to worship one of its five Aspects in particular. These personifications each embody one facet of the darkness, as well as its effects on mortals in general and Rastvel specifically. Each Aspect is listed in name and more detail below.

*Arkogn, the Void
*Eldvel, the Embrace
*Maltam, the Sanctuary
*Qarun, the Storm
*Ra’an, the Hunger

Regardless of which, if any, Aspect is being venerated, Rast worship is a complex religion based around a set number of specific rituals. When participating in these observances, it is traditional for supplicants to wear traditional Rastvellan ceremonial robes. Forest-green, these complex garments are embroidered with a pattern of ancient Rastvellan sigils, each symbol similar in form to a branching tree or winding leaf. Hoods are often worn with these robes, as the shaft of darkness covering a worshiper’s face is seen to be symbolic.

The majority of citizens in Rastvel do not engage in these rituals except on specific holy days, during which time their observance is seen as integral for appeasing the darkness and thus securing the safety of the city. At all other times they are performed on a regular basis by the Speakers of the Rastvellan Court, each of whom is the representative of a different Aspect, and is responsible for all rituals associated with that facet of the Rast.

Rast Worship

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