Ra'an, the Hunger

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Animal, Darkness, Protection, Strength, War

Subdomains: Blood, Ferocity, Fur, Night

Favored weapon: Longspear

Symbol: Gnarled black bark formed in the shape of a wolf’s muzzle and open maw.

The Hunger, or Ra’an by its more proper name, is an Aspect which represents the consuming, devouring facet of the Rast, as well as the dangerous creatures which dwell within it. Predatory shapes shifting in the shadows, a distant howl in the night, the gaping maw of darkness between two trees, all of these fall into Ra’an’s domain. As mighty and ferocious as she is, however, The Hunger is also a mother, and her rage is at its fiercest when she is defending her young. In this respect, she is also seen as a protector and a symbol of terrible vengeance.

Ra’an is usually portrayed as a massive, slavering wolf, black save for a pair of glowing yellow eyes piercing her stygian fur. She is also sometimes shown protecting her pups, often from packs of Krensha, creatures whose cunning and rakish nature is seen as opposed to Ra’an’s more direct aggression. Rarely, The Hunger is presented as a noble creature, dangerous to those who do not respect her power, but ultimately an honorable paragon of strength.

Worship of Ra’an attracts a more unruly sort than the other Aspects. Prone to boastfulness and feats of bravery, they are fighters as well as supplicants, and honor The Hunger through pitched battle with the creatures of the Boundless Weald. Because of this, they often find places as officers or spearmen in the Ra’as, dangerous professions which require bravery and skill in equal measure. Hunters are also drawn to Ra’an’s worship, an act of respect for the beasts which they pit themselves against.

Ra'an, the Hunger

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