Eldvel, the Embrace

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Darkness, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection

Subdomains: Restoration, Solitude, Thought

Favored weapon: Shield

Symbol: A stout tree with spread black wings in place of branches.

Not all facets of the darkness are evil or harmful with regards to mortals. Some take comfort in the night’s velvet embrace, finding there a quiet solitude away from the chaos of their ordinary lives. This is the domain of the Aspect Eldvel, also known as The Embrace. Eldvel is that part of the darkness which is like a warm blanket over the weary, the relaxing knowledge that the rest of the world is sleeping, and, for a time, the world is still.

In art and legends, Eldvel is portrayed as a beautiful mature human woman, draped in a modest black garment somewhere between an elegant dress and a ceremonial robe. Her hair is just as black, but her skin is a pale, effervescent white which contrasts with the raven wings extending from her back. Eldvel is often shown as holding a book or a scroll, representing her secondary role as a bringer of knowledge and wisdom. It is during the quiet hours of the night, without the distractions other mortals bring, that many of the greatest ideas are formed.

Unlike many of the other Aspects of the Rast, Eldvel is compassionate and loving toward mortals, always ready to protect and heal them as she is able. Despite this, The Embrace is still a facet of darkness, and her motives and methods can be just as stygian. While her intentions are always assumed to be good, Eldvel works in ways not fully understood by those who revere her.

Worshipers of Eldvel tend toward slow, deliberate lives and careful introspection. She is also a patron of healers, and many of the greatest doctors in Rastvel observe her rituals regularly. In contrast to the stark, logical intellectualism favored by supplicants to Qarun, Eldvel’s favored instead focus on art, philosophy, and other less well-defined disciplines.

Eldvel, the Embrace

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