Common Ancient Rastvellan Words

Below is a glossary of sorts, detailing the general meanings of many of the Ancient Rastvellan words that appear in modern titles or terms. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it relay the exact meaning of any given word, which may change depending on context.

Ar-: A prefix indicating the lack or absence of something.

Eld: A type of tree common in The Boundless Weald. Eld wood is used for the majority of the buildings in Rastvel. Also carries connotations of wisdom, due to the long, white, beard-like moss which grows on its branches.

Ka-: A prefix indicating the truth or, more specifically a true, or perfect version of something. Often used as a separate word proceeding the one it modifies, rather than as a true prefix.

Kogn: The heart, center, or core of something.

Mogn: Rat or vermin. A derogatory term used to refer to any undesirable creature, and also as an insult.

Ra’as: Light. Not the opposite of, so much as a break, or interruption in the darkness. Does not carry positive connotations as in many other cultures.

Rant: Law, order, or the proper way of doing things. The qualities that allow civilization to exist even within the Rast.

Ra’an: A break or interruption in the law. A transgression, or, more generally, chaos.

Rast: Darkness. Also, the concept of darkness as a powerful primal force as worshiped by Rastvellans.

Tam: Person. Though the word originally referred to humans specifically, its use has evolved to include all sapient, humanoid species considered “civilized” in Rastvel culture.

Qan: A type of tree uncommonly found in The Boundless Weald. Its wood is tan in color and prized for its strength, durability, and resistance to rot.

Val: Broadly speaking, a tree, branch, stick, or other smaller division of the forest. Also used to refer to the standardized quarterstaves used in Valfencing.

Vel: Forest. Also, something complex or grand in structure.

Common Ancient Rastvellan Words

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