Arkogn, the Void

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Madness, Void

Subdomains: Fear, Isolation, Loss, Nightmare

Favored weapon: Empty hand (Unarmed)

Symbol: A thin, leafless tree, turning to mist at its edges.

Arkogn, also known by its title of The Void, is the most feared Aspect of the Rast, and the one least venerated during its worship. This being personifies the darkness’ most empty, lifeless qualities. The utter isolation that comes with being lost completely without light, the way the shadows seem to devour all sound, leaving only stillness, and the endless silence when all else has vanished and only the void remains. By extension, Arkogn is also associated with death, decay, and rot, the return of all worldly things to emptiness.

The Void is often portrayed as a tall figure wrapped in ceremonial robes that shroud the entirety of its body. Inside the garment’s hood, where a face should be, is only darkness, and thick tendrils of solid night squirm out from between its folds and out of its sleeves.

Arkogn is not an aggressive force. it does not need to be. Everything in creation eventually seeks it out by way of its own nature. The Void may be invoked in order to save a loved one from death or to lead lost travelers out of the darkness. More often, however, it is called upon to place curses upon others or to bring stillness down upon the invoker’s most hated enemies.

Supplicants of Arkogn tend to be somber, serious individuals, preoccupied with their place in the world or lack thereof. Perhaps surprisingly, its worship also tends to attract a certain kind of healer or doctor, who believe that by understanding the emptiness that comes afterward, death may be prolonged or avoided altogether.

Arkogn, the Void

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