High above the streets of Rastvel, the towers of Velkogn stand as stark silhouettes against the night sky. Built over the waters of the bay which the city surrounds, it is a complex, castle-like structure held aloft by a clustered array of stout logs and wooden scaffolding. Though the castle’s primary entrance is by a large drawbridge connecting to the Void district, Velkogn’s structure is built into the harbor itself, with many outcroppings designed for the mooring of boats. Long, thin gangplanks extend from these balconies and onto the ships themselves, then to the streets of Rastvel, forming a complex web of pathways between the castle and city.

Velkogn’s lower floors hold the servants quarters, kitchens, storage, and all other basic infrastructure necessary for the smooth operation of such a large structure. Above this, its second level is separated into five different sections, each holding a temple and worship space for one of the Rast’s Aspects. The castle’s third floor contains living quarters for the Speakers of the Rastvel Court and the Lord Overseer himself. The Court itself is located on the level above, where the chaotic structure of Velkogn tapers into a single circular tower.

Because of its multitude of entrances and exits, the lowest levels of the castle do not employ much in the way of security. Indeed, Velkogn’s first and second floor are open to the public, its mighty drawbridge intended only to be used in the event of an incursion from The Boundless Weald. Small courtyards and other public meeting spaces have been built on both levels, freely accessible by anyone of Tam ranking or above. Some of these areas have been co-opted as specialty markets, Rastvellan traders bringing their goods from overseas directly into the castle and selling them there rather than arranging transport deeper into the city.

Naturally, Velkogn’s third and fourth floors are heavily defended. Highly-trained guards with steely gazes and little imagination are posted at all staircases and instructed to allow through only the city’s leaders or those individuals specifically invited by the Court.


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