The Mala Tribe

A few generations after the founding of Rastvel, a group of scholars of the Rast had a doctrinal dispute with the established Rastvellian Court. Setbacks in the new city left Mala Vel Eld with the conclusion that Neither Rast nor Vel approved of the city. The Rast demands strength from its supplicants, and the city encouraged only leisure and indolence. Allowing the dwarves territory below the city was the final straw for the scholars. They gathered their families and allies, and forged into the Boundless Weald.

Their first goal was preservation of their accumulated knowledge. A conventional library wouldnt be possible, both for practical reasons and religious. So work began on the Sylvan Library. An enchanted grove that holds centuries worth of knowledge in strange runes covering the surface of ancient Qan trees. To this day, each member of the tribe is expected to lay their life down in the defense of the library.

Over the centuries, they became known as Mala tribe, after the most influential of its founders. They have expanded to a surprisingly large population, having taken in rastvellan refugees, and survivors of shipwrecks. Eventually, the tribes range bumped up to the edge of the Radiant Nation, and after some initial skirmishes, ambassadors from both sides forged an agreement. The Mala would act as trade intermediaries for the orcs, and the orcs (or at least those that agree to the concord, which is far from all of them) would spare the Sylvan Library. part of the treaty also involves trading of hostages, some of whom assimilate into the new culture.

The Mala hold to a strange dichotomy, despite being a group of nomads who eschew the trappings of society, the preservation of knowledge is their greatest goal. The most respected members of the tribe are the story masters, who undergo years of training in memorization of their histories, only graduating to full story master status upon the perfect recitation of the story of the tribe. They are also the keepers of the tribe’s arcane lore, training the tribes battlemages, and often joining them in the field. Because no one is exempt from the tribe’s defense.

The Mala consider Qarun, the Storm their patron.

The Mala Tribe

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