The Conciliatory Order

The Conciliatory Order is a relatively new organization, as evidenced by its name and the members’ titles, all of which are in Common rather than ancient Rastvellan. Instated by the current Lord Overseer’s predecessor in response to a larger amount of contact with the little-understood civilizations across the sea, the group handles all negotiations and immigration in regard to foreign powers and other outsiders.

In addition to their diplomatic role, The Conciliatory Order also has on retainer a sizeable number of mercenaries. Any visitors from outside of Rastvel, whether refugees from The Boundless Weald or foreigners from overseas, are assigned one of these mercenaries, officially called Arbiters, for a minimum of seven days. Although ostensibly for the visitor’s own protection, the Arbiter’s presence is more accurately intended to keep a watchful eye on their charge, a manifestation of Rastvel’s insularity and distrust of outsiders.

Arbiters have the power to detain and deliver to the guard anyone of not at least Tam status whom they believe poses a threat to Rastvel in any way. As outsiders officially have no status in the city until they have been seen to have earned it, this allows the mercenaries to arrest their charges with impunity. In addition, it is not uncommon for an Arbiter to follow a foreigner for a period greater than seven days, especially if they are seen as suspicious, dangerous, or simply strange.

Both diplomats and Arbiters are given the name-title of “Legate”. The first name-title in Rastvel to come from a word in Common, as well as the first new rank in recorded history, Legate holds the same level of respect as Eld, and was created in order to provide incentive for talented individuals to join the Conciliatory Order. Despite the respect the rank carries, there is a certain amount of cultural stigma toward Legates, as the name-titled Common origins and relative modernity are seen as a bucking of Rastvellan tradition.

The Conciliatory Order

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