Rastvellan Names

Rastvellan names consist of three major parts. The first, the individual’s given name, is decided upon by his or her parents at birth, and is the name most commonly used to refer to them. The second, the family name, is passed down through the male line. Rastvellan family names are usually short, a single syllable and only two or three letters in length. An individual’s third name is determined by his or her status within Rastvel society. This name can be used to refer to someone in a highly professional or detached way. The ranks of society and the names associated with them are as follows:

Rast – (lit. Darkness) A name-title reserved for the Lord Overseer and his or her direct children, indicating great respect and veneration.

Qan – (lit. A rare tree valued for the color of its wood) A name-title given to Speakers or other highly respected members of the Rastvel Court.

Eld (lit. A type of tree prevalent near Rastvel) A name-title indicating respect and given to individuals who have no political role, but who are in honorable fields such as teaching, ornamental carpentry, or medicine.

Tam (lit. Person, human) – A name-title given to individuals who are gainfully employed but hold no status in society. Similar to the word “citizen”.

Mogn – (lit. Rat) A name-title given to individuals who have no work or social status. Also used as an insult.

Other more specific name-titles exist, particularly within the military and police organizations, in which they are used in a manner similar to ranks.

Rastvellan Names

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