Qarun, the Storm

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Air, Darkness, Destruction, Magic, Weather

Subdomains: Arcane, Catastrophe, Cloud, Storms

Favored weapon: Quarterstaff

Symbol: A bolt of lightning splitting the earth, then branching underground like roots.

Qarun, the Storm, is the Aspect of the Rast with dominion over storms, thunder, and all other natural disasters. A flash of lightning in the black, the steady drumming of rain on the roof in the night, gales of wind howling through the branches of trees; these are all marks of Qarun. In addition to this facet, he is also the patron of arcane magic, all of which is believed to draw its power from the primal forces of The Storm.

Depictions of Qarun usually portray him as a wizened old man, his skin the color and texture of warped bark, with a long white beard descending from his bald head. Despite his obvious age and hunched stature, he commands a great presence, usually symbolized by a thundercloud rising behind him or the ground cracking at his feet. In his right hand, he holds a long staff of black, polished wood, from which lightning arcs and flickers, and his eyes are naught but deep pools of darkness.

The Storm is not a malevolent force, but neither is he a benevolent one. Instead, he remains ambivalent to mortals and their struggles, instead dedicating all of his power to regulating the laws of the natural world, and ensuring that all events happen in a manner dictated by the Rast. When tearing winds destroy a field, or a bolt of lightning shatters a house, the storm has not acted out of evil intent, but merely according to its nature.

Those who worship Qarun also tend to be the scholars and intellectuals of Rastvel. The Storm’s connection to arcane magic ensures that wizards often claim him as their patron, and the meticulous manner in which he administrates the natural world appeals to those of a more logical mindset. Through understanding Qarun’s ways, one can understand the laws of the world, and thus attain power; or so the belief stands.

Qarun, the Storm

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