As the use of metal is taboo in Rastvel, currency is instead handled through the use of small, treated disks of wood, similar in shape and size to the metal coins used by the barbarians overseas. Special staining and laminating methods impart a complex and difficult-to-duplicate pattern on the wood in effort against counterfeiting. The denominations of coin, by wood type, and their approximate equivalents, are as follows:

Oak Coins – Stained dark brown, these are the smallest denomination of coin, and the least valuable. Oak coins are used for day-to-day purchases such as food or basic services. Equivalent in value to copper coins.

Eld Coins – Retaining their natural, faded grey color, these coins are treated to be particularly heavy and hard, with a think patina. One eld coin is worth 10 oak coins, and is used for more expensive purchases, such as lodging for an evening. Roughly equivalent to a silver piece.

Qan Coins – A pale brown color, with swirls of darker pigment among the grain, Qan coins are roughly twice the size of eld coins, and worth 100 of such. These coins are not often used in normal transactions, and are instead designed to consolidate the assets of the most wealthy in Rastvel. Roughly equivalent to one gold coin.


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