Talon Ul Tam

Scarred Ra'as handler.


A jaded veteran of the Ra’as who now holds a lieutenant’s position within the same organization, Talon Ul Tam is a tall, rough-looking man with a long scar over his right eye. Despite his lean frame, he carries a noticeable amount of packed muscle, and holds himself with the air of someone who has been in too many close calls, always ready to react to his environment. Many Ra’as handlers become disillusioned during their service to the city, the unending waves of death and sheer relentless force of their adversaries causing them to come to see their wards as little more than tools, objects to be positioned in the most tactically sound method, regardless of their status as humans or individuals. Talon is one of few exceptions to this, zealously guarding the children under his command and making sure that they are well-fed and treated during the days. Normally a soft-spoken and reserved man, his true fervor comes out whenever those under his care are threatened.


Kyra encountered Talon Ul Tam during an aimless midnight walk, drawn to him and his squad by the sounds of battle at the edges of town. Though she immediately went to the aid of the Ra’as, Kyra was angrily confronted by Talon just after, who was furious that she had broken their formation and potentially put as many children in danger as she had saved. Once she seemed to have accepted the gravity of her actions, Talon’s demeanor softened and he asked for her Legate’s name before sending her back to the same.

Talon Ul Tam

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