Prasad Mar Wyr

Intricate curiosity.


A Wyrwood currently working at Ka Rant as an assistant to Iosephus Roi Eld, as well as a close associate of Reilum Kun Eld. Prasad Mar Wyr is as jovial and helpful as any Wyrwood, but has a bit more personality than most, which manifests itself mainly in his vanity. Using the money he’s earned by working on projects with Iosephus, Prasad once hired a Spriggan artisan to carve his wooden shell into a more pleasing shape. The result is a Wyrwood who appears more mystical, more intricate, and much more recognizable than his peers; a form which Prasad is very proud of.
Though he is officially a research assistant to Iosephus, Prasad in reality spends much of his time aiding Reilum with his studies into Wyrwood physiology and origins. In this capacity, he mainly acts as a go-between for Reilum with the rest of the Wyrwood community. Over time, however, the two have formed a bond a close to friendship as might be possible between the two races.


Prasad Mar Wyr

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