Iosephus Roi Eld

Darkened body, broken mind.


A senior researcher of Ka Rant whose studies primarily focus around understanding of the Rast and the applications thereof. Though he is now old and weary, Iosephus was once something of a maverick, often stealing away into the Weald to perform experiments with the Rast, which he was convinced was a tangible force, and one which he was close to being able to harness and control. Though his work was borderline heretical, the Court turned a blind eye to it, a precaution against the small possibility that he may actually succeed.
Iosephus’ experiments were cut short, however, when one of his tests in detecting tangible evidence of the Rast resulted in violent failure. The majority of his right arm was engulfed in the subsequent backlash, flesh turning black and losing sensation even as a spiderweb of stygian veins worked its way up his limb. After this incident, Iosephus changed. He could no longer use his arm, but, more than that, he became indrawn, quiet, and no longer left Ka Rant if it could be at all avoided. His skin turned pale under the tower’s magical lights, providing an even starker contrast to the blackened flesh of his arm, and his eyes grew wide and dark. Though still a researcher, he lacked the drive and energy which made him so successful in his previous inquiries; his life’s work turned from extraordinary to mediocre over a very short time.
Now, many decades later, Iosephus has decided to take on a single student. Reilum Kun Eld, a healer as well as a diligent student. Rather than teach his charge the specifics of his own study, perhaps in fear of a similar fate befalling him, Iosephus instead largely allows Reilum to pursue his own interests, mentoring and giving advice as needed. This freedom of study is what allowed Kun Eld to become the foremost expert on the Wyrwood in Ka Rant.


Iosephus Roi Eld

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