Dalqus Vin Rast

Lord Overseer of Rastvel.


The current Lord Overseer of Rastvel is a stooped, wizened man of advanced age known by his name and title as Dalqus Vin Rast. Dalqus Vin has been a decently benevolent ruler of the city during his time in rule. Those few laws he passed promoted trade and diplomacy with the barbarians overseas, and he is not known to have abused his power in any major way. Of course, with the structure of the Rastvel Court as it is, there is no way to know how many laws Dalqus Vin may have attempted to pass which were then rejected by the Council of Speakers.

Though his past before ascending to the post of Lord Overseer is largely unknown, Dalqus Vin was, as many who attain rule in Rastvel are, Grand Speaker of the Court for several years. It is rumored that he was, and still is, and accomplished wizard and devotee of Qarun, the Storm. His current position, of course, precludes any such worship, however. Rumors state that Dalqus Vin has at least one descendant in the city, and perhaps even an old lover or two still active within Rastvel. He has never confirmed or denied this gossip, and, indeed, refuses to speak about his past altogether.

With his advancing age, Dalqus Vin’s public appearances have become increasingly infrequent, instead choosing to stay within his quarters in Velkogn; quarters which, it is said, hold the greatest library in the world outside of the Athenaeum. Many would-be apprentices have petitioned to gain access to these tomes, but all have been refused. Lately, most such requests have simply been ignored.

As Dalqus Vin nears the end of his life, the Rastvel Court prepares for a shift in power. Any of the Speakers could be chosen as the next Lord Overseer, and the individuals involved have already begun their power plays and political maneuvering. Currently, the favorite for the position is Cordius Ra Qan, the Grand Speaker of the Court. However, Cordius Ra is not without his opponents, and it is even possible that an outside power will be chosen for the position if the Speakers cannot come to consensus within their own ranks.

Dalqus Vin Rast

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